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Au Vieux Moulin CD (2014)

Au Vieux Moulin CD (2014)

- dulcimers, guitars & vocals

Rebecca Hallworth - vocals
Andy Crowdy - guitar, basses and percussion
Stephen Seifert - guest appearance

Track List:

New Lang Syne / The Grey Funnel Line / Le Ruisseau Du Moulin / Annie's Song / Guitar Interlude in C / Amazing Grace / D'Accord / Guitar Interlude in E / The Wild Mountain Thyme / Bullet Train / Pavane / Watch The Stars / √Čtude / The Wind Among The Heather & Columbine / Annie's Song Reprise / Farewell, Farewell / Long Road To Memphis / Doucement

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"Dan Evans has recorded a 'must-have' CD for all mountain dulcimer players, students, and fans of the instrument. His new recording has a remarkable diversity of textures and styles. Dan is known for his virtuosic fingerpicking, and this collection continues the tradition. As far as I can see from this side of the pond, Dan Evans is truly leading the way on the mountain dulcimer in the UK, and 'Au Vieux Moulin' is his strongest album yet."
Jerry Rockwell for the Dulcimer Players News (USA)

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