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mountain dulcimer classes

mountain dulcimer classes

Song accompaniment in the Ionian mode - Students learn to realise the vast harmonic potential of the mountain dulcimer by playing chords in the Ionian mode as accompaniment to the human voice.

Airs in Ionian mode - Students learn to play beautiful Bristish folk songs arranged as airs.

Songs & airs in the Ionian mode - A combination of the two previous classes, where the same melody is arranged as both a song and an air.

The modal dulcimer - An introduction to various tuning modes and decorative techniques used to recreate the charm and authentic feel of traditional music on the mountain dulcimer.

Fun in bagpipe tuning – An Easy-going class where students learn to play melodies from the British Isles in bagpipe tuning with a plectrum.

Dulcimer techniques - A systematic approach to learning expressive techniques on the dulcimer, which can be applied to any material.

Right hand finger-picking patterns - Focusing on the right hand, students learn how to fingerpick and a selection of useful picking patterns for different tunings and time signatures.


"It was wonderful having you with us this year, Dan. You added so much to both the weekend and the week and were a pleasure to work with. Your talents and experience helped to make this year's KMW such a tremendous success."
Kentucky Music Week/Weekend Festivals 2000

"Loved having you Dan! Your comments on the evaluation forms were wonderful and I know your students loved being with you."
Kentucky Music Week 2014

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