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dulcimer only

Appalachian or mountain dulcimer origins

recording the dulcimer

Ionian DAA vs AAD convention
The Water Is Wide dulcimer TAB & film

singing with the dulcimer - part I
singing with the dulcimer - part II

dulcimer tunings for DAA players

dulcimer chords for DAA tuning
sad death of Roger Nicholson

meeting Jean Ritchie


dulcimer & guitar

amplifying dulcimers and guitars
manicure for dulcimer and guitar pickers

FX for dulcimer and guitar

tuning tips for dulcimer and guitar

tuning guitar to open C


voice workshops & singing
student feedback to voice workshops
vocal projection
confidence for singers
can the tone deaf sing - updated
the story of my voice workshop: Everyone Can Sing


teaching methods & philosophy
my coaching style
training benefits

Three Ss - a positive approach to teaching
community development and singing
quality principles for training workshops
Respect, the key to true community - an essay
criticism & confidence - an essay

what makes a good trainer

challenges to the engine


my music
CD reviews
where to buy CDs and download tracks

in the press

radio, TV and film appearances
memberships of professional bodies
my musical influences
my career highlights
Royal Television Society awards

new CD album in the making & film


my concerts & tours

UK venues where I have worked

international tours

Texas Trip - July 2001
adventures in Kentucky 2000
dulcimers in Kentucky 2010
Florida Revisited
concert in French Chateau

Launde Abbey (UK) Nonsuch duclimer gathering 2013

Tennessee and Kentucky 2014 ~ my tour diary & film

New York and Vermont tour March 2017


other / general
Amazing Grace connections
amusing anecdotes
performance skills ~ stage fright
great film music
are the British negative
Milton Keynes' concrete cows - a poem
a memory of Durham - a poem
Diamond Jubilee celebrations
respect for BBC presenters
watch what we say - about language

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