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voice workshop - student feedback


'everybody has moved forward hugely'

'it has been a joy to see the people who said they can't sing have confidence'

'being able to sing has been absolutely wonderful'

'I've enjoyed everything - it has been fab'

'the group gelled almost immediately'

'the sound bath was other-worldly - it was extraordinary'

'the collaboration was fantastic'

'I can't believe that 48 hours ago we'd never met'

'I've enjoyed seeing how everybody has progressed - it has been amazing'


'Dan is an inspirational leader.  There's a very supportive, friendly atmosphere.  His positive feedback method is confidence-building.  Fantastic course sutable for any level of singer.'


'Thank you for your inspirational coaching. The group soon bonded into friendship with your positive and kind leadership. I have gained so much from the course in addition to singing techniques. This was a huge boost to my confidence and left me a great feeling of well being.'

'positive and excellent tuition - I have had great fun and I will be recommending friends, family and businesses to try this out'

'Thanks for an inspiring weekend' 

'The positive support was fantastic'

'Fantastic weekend for lots of reasons'

'Wonderful weekend'


'excellent course'



'first class course. Tutor had vast knowledge. Each person left valued'


'excellent course'

'hugely helpful and enjoyable - thank you'

'(Dan Evans) - he's excellent at teaching and sharing skills'

'positive, encouraging course - great teacher!'

'Dan is a dealer in confidence and enjoyment'

'I thoroughly enjoyed the course, which was good confidence training as well as singing training'

'I loved the safety the group gave'

'Dan's approach was enlightening' 

'the tuition was brilliant - Dan is great facilitator and created a cohesive group in a very short time - it was a very safe environment in which to step out of our comfort zone and was very enjoyable'

'Dan made me feel valued, gave great support and was extermely personable'

'Tuition excellent, nice dulcimer playing by Dan. All in all great!'

''I will be recommending the course to others'

'Dan promoted an excellent learning environment / atmosphere'

'perfect combination of environment and structured teaching and good company'

'the course exceeded all my expectations - I learned so much and gained enormously in confidence'

'I like Dan. I can see that he has worked through all the issues that an introvert finds difficult'

'I had a wonderful time'

'Excellent course and would recommend it to anyone who doesn't think they can sing.  Very supportive, you find your voice and do get better'

'An excellent course really well presented and organised.  A good introduction to voice training and production.  Congratulations to a first class tutor'

'I came to improve my confidence.  I consider myself to be a singer but my confidence has been battered a bit over the years.  I wanted to be reminded of technique and find enjoyment in singing again.  I have definitely found that on this course and Dan is an excellent tutor and coach.  The group were brilliant and the interaction over the weekend and the group work, being able to create our own team piece, has been wonderful.  A smashing weekend.  Thank you'

'I thoroughly enjoyed the whole weekend'

'I had a brilliant time - wonderfully heart-felt people, especially Dan.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You  changed my life'

'Dan's relaxed style put you at ease and bring out the best in everyone'

'Dan is a brilliant tutor who created a very positive and calm environment, which encourages creativity and achievement.  Our second course with him and a very worthwhile experience in many different ways.   I must try not to forget his philosophy regarding criticism and positivity.'

'brilliant - excellent  of coaching skills - time flew - would love to do this again' 

'wide-ranging and subtle - an excellent delivery of all it promised - you'll be somewhere hovering over my shoulder whenever I sing'


Dan Evans


'I felt able to try things I didn't believe I could do'

'never thought I would be able to sing in front of others in a small group - with so much encouragement and no negative comments the whole day was life-transforming'

'confidence gained will be useful in other areas of my life'

'a marvellous day - thank you' 

'the positive coaching model Dan uses to create an excellent, supportive group environment is absolutely terrific for dealing with issues of confidence - it was spot on for the needs of the group - it got everyone singing and enjoying the experience'

'progressed smoothly - confidence developed - good harmony between us all - atmosphere excellent'

'loved it, wasn't sure I would - I'd like to do it again'

'it was very enjoyable - a good learning environment, friendly & supportive'

'The Tutor Dan Evans was excellent + confidence gained + very encouraging - the group was great together - it definitely enhanced my enjoyment & understanding and booted my confidence - I would recommend it to others' 

'thoroughly enjoyable - whole experience was fun & great - hope to come again!'

'loved the course - leaned a lot about myself - would highly recommend - BRILLIANT'
'the splendid course, created by Dan, was thoroughly enjoyed'

'this course has been just what I needed, truly life-changing - the course tutor really made the weekend with his positive comments which encompassed all of life, not just singing'

'Dan Evans is quite a guy and a brilliant tutor and coach (and musician)' 

'a brilliant weekend thank you, especially to Dan who has helped me so much with my voice'

'teachings and feedback of the tutor could not have been better'

'Dan Evans has the unique ability to get the best out of EVERYONE, whatever their ability - ALL gained in ability and confidence - thank you'

'Dan transferred confidence with his relaxed, easy style and carried everyone along their journey - fist class - it's hard to think how I could have found a better tutor or course'

'a wonderful experience' 

'a fantastic weekend, went home buzzing - it has been a real life-changing workshop and a highly enjoyable one'

'Dan was an excellent tutor and brought a fantastic atmosphere to the group - I had a great weekend and will come again'



Dan Evans


'Dan was a real pro - very knowledgeable about bringing out the best in people'

'a very empowering and affirming experience'

'Dan was a wonderful tutor and I came away with a lot more confidence then I arrived - I also had a lot of fun'

'wonderfully enjoyable course'

'I don't really know how to thank you for all the ways you have helped me over three 3 times I have taken part in your amazing course - I think your process is terrific and you are one of the few totally inspirational tutors - thank you for your skill, your sensitivity, your sense of humour and your warmth'

'the course was brilliant - Dan is a first-class tutor and the format was carefully developed and worked very well - I learned a great deal and things have shifted for me in several areas'

'our tutor presented the course in a way that allowed all students to develop in a positive way at their own pace and developed a wonderful sense of a secure environment - this created a beautiful bonding amongst a group who embraced the philosophy of the course and achieved more than we could ever have thought possible'

'an enormously enjoyable fun and life-changing experience - Dan is an inspirational and wise man'

'an absolutely wonderful course led by an inspiration - Dan's gentle encouragement led me to achieving more than I could ever have imagined'

'Dan has crafted this course beautifully with the right mix of theory and practice - he set the stage very well and created a safe and nurturing environment - there was music all around and the choice of songs to sing excellent'

'Excellent weekend, did everything we wanted it to and we will go home singing!'

'Dan is a wonderful inspirational teacher whose techniques gently inspire through a  journey of self- exploration' 

'a fabulous weekend – I thoroughly enjoyed myself'
'a wonderful course'

'cannot praise enough – I came with such reservations about my ability to sing - but we all sang like angels'

'this has been a wonderful weekend – an inspiring combination of training and friendship'

'the course content and environment exceeded all expectations'

'we came as strangers but went home as friends'
'it was a brilliant experience – I hope to come again'

'I have found my voice, challenged myself and had such fun'

'thank you for creating an environment for me to ‘fly’ – I’m heading for new horizons'

'brilliant - one of my best personal live experiences – will remember for ever – feel so enriched & just appreciate life – good for the heart + soul !!' 


Dan Evans


'a brilliant weekend, I have learned so much about singing and about myself. Thank you Dan'

'thank you for a wonderful weekend'

'a fabulous course – I learned so much, met nice people and had great fun !  Thanks to Dan'

'a fantastic weekend  - Dan’s positive ethos is so empowering and has so many implications for one’s whole life'

'brilliant course – learnt a lot, gained confidence – wish I’d done it much sooner but may possible do it again - Dan is a really supportive tutor, and a nice guy'

'Dan Evans was a wonderful inspirational teacher - a really lovely course'

'Dan was very inspirational and calming - his techniques really gave me confidence and everyone really respected him and have taken a lot away from this course.'

'this more than met my expectations - excellent, varied tuition from Dan Evans who brought out the best in us all!' 

'this was the second time I have done this course and it was well worth doing a second time. I learned every bit as much (and more!) than the first time - Dan is a brilliant presenter and an amazing communicator who ensures that everyone has a wonderful time as well as learning and developing.'

'I can't praise Dan highly enough for his superb tuition and his incredible humanity - I leave energised and confident - I don't think it could honestly get any better than this'

'the course was one of the best experiences I have had. It was uplifting, stimulating and confidence-building and it was amazing to see the change in people'

'Dan was brilliant - this weekend has been a joy to experience!'

“the course for me was the best experience I’ve had for sometime - it was a mind-blowing experience to see the magnitude of change that took place in people - your course has and will stay with me forever” 

‘words can’t express – uplifting, stimulating – best time I’ve had for a while’

‘thank you – I have loved every minute’
‘very inspiring workshop, thank you’  

‘I cannot speak highly enough. I have been very fortunate to have been part of an excellent experience with a great group of people and a great tutor – an amazing positive experience that I hope will remain with me’ 

‘wonderful course bringing so many people really together in a very happy way’

‘for me the tutor, Dan, is exceptional in his teaching – everything was wonderful – best course I have ever done – truly marvellous’

‘what an amazing weekend’

Dan Evans


‘best weekend I’ve had for ages – my heart is full of song’
‘this has been an outstanding course with an outstanding tutor who uses a unique process that ensures success for everyone involved - it has been an absolute pleasure to be a part of this incredible weekend’

‘Dan is a fantastic tutor’

‘environment and atmosphere magical - Dan has an amazing gift to get the absolute best from the people he meets - the way he bonded the group of total strangers into a group of friends is not only a talent but a gift! I will treasure the memory that I have stored from this weekend’

‘Dan – the Voice Whisperer’

‘fantastic weekend – I feel totally uplifted’

‘combination of amazing skills & supportive tutor with environment made for a wonderful fulfilled learning experience’

‘it has been a rare and very special weekend - the structure and delivery of the course enabled such growth in the group - a spirit of warmth & fun which I have never experienced before - I will recommend the course to others and I will cherish the memory I take with me’  

‘the course has been wonderful experience - Dan has a rare talent for getting the very best out of people - I would recommend this to anyone looking for a supportive environment in which to develop their singing'

‘fantastic experience – wonderfully supportive and great fun’
‘Dan is a very motivational and inspirational tutor - I have learned so much in a relatively short space of time’

‘the perfect environment for a brilliant course - Dan’s input was outstanding - I have been singing for more than 60 years and I learned a great deal – I also had a lot of fun’   

‘incredibly supportive and nurturing environment – fantastic!’

‘a wonderful weekend lead by a superb tutor’

‘the course was inspirational – Dan is a marvellous tutor’


'an excellent course - very enjoyable'

'I have enjoyed the course enormously - and encouraged to experience such a congenial weekend'

'a very enjoyable course which I would recommend to anyone - thank you'

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