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where to buy Dan Evans recordings - CDs and tracks online  


UK only - you can buy my CDs directly from me - all CDs albums are only £10 each plus £1 each for P&P - simply e-mail me which one(s) you want along with your address and I’ll send you the CDs and details of how to pay 


international distribution & streaming

all my CDs can also be purchased online from the Divine Art Recordings Group, who ditribute my music globally - you can also buy CDs from Amazon, iTunes and other reliable sites and/or you can stream tracks from Apple Music, Spotify and Naxos Music Library   


beware of pirates
only buy my products from the reliable and legitimate dealers and websites - ‘pirate’ copies are illegal, of poor quality, they may be faulty and piracy does me out of a living - I cannot warnatee pirate copies of my CDs



Dan Evans Let It Be Me CD cover


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