English Dulcimer | 2019 December
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December 2019

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Abba’s I Have A Dream film

ABBA’s I Have A Dream arranged and performed on my Doug Berch dulcimer in Ionian (EBB) tuning using the analog delay on Boss DD-500 FX unit

Twix Moon & Lea film

an original contemporary dulcimer duet, again on a nature theme – imagine rolling countryside under light from a full moon – the chords are played using a looper in the Boss DD-500 delay unit, which is also providing an analogue delay effect – the piece started out as just 4 chords then a bass line was added and the title named (there was a full moon shining over Northampton landscape), these thanks to jamming with Steve Eulberg – later, the piece was performed and further developed – performed here on my Doug Berch dulcimer in Ionian (EBB)

amplification & effects for dulcimers ~ part 1

this article was published in both the international Dulcimer Player News magazine and the UK’s Nonsuch Dulcimer Club newsletter   

amplification and effects for mountain dulcimer ~ part 1 acoustic dulcimers

In this article (Part 1) I will explain how to amplify mountain dulcimers and what effects work particularly well with them.  Although written for the mountain dulcimer, some aspects may be of interest to hammer dulcimer players and guitarist also.  In Part 2 (to be published at a later date) I will discuss electric dulcimers, and the effects and amplification suitable for those.