English Dulcimer | 2020 March
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March 2020

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what makes a good dulcimer ?

If you go to a dulcimer festival today, you will doubtless see many variations of design to try to get the best sound from the mountain dulcimer.  So which attributes contribute to the quality of tone and what makes a good dulcimer ?  This article may be of interests to guitarists also.

If you are familiar with my music you will know that I’m also a guitarist and I play both guitar and dulcimer almost exclusively fingerstyle.  In over four decades of playing, I have built, commissioned and/or owned 5 guitars and 7 dulcimers.  This article is naturally written from my own experience but to broaden the perspective a little, I have also included views from two American dulcimer maker-players: Doug Berch, who built one of my dulcimers and Jerry Rockwell, with whom I share common interests.READ MORE