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interview in Unicorn magazine

I stumbled across this interview for Unicorn folk magazine (UK) in my files today.  My wife and I met the editor: Simon Bailes, while we were on holiday in the Lake District in May 2014.  Simon was working away from home nearby in Cumbria at that time, so we met up and shared a meal together.  Following this acquaintance, Simon both interviewed me for Unicorn and, later, reviewed my Au Vieux Moulin CD, which was in the making at the time.


South Wind film

officially called The South Wind, this is an old Irish folk song about homesickness


The Pixies’ Waltz film

‘if you go down to the woods today …’ you might just see the pixies dancing to my Pixies’ Waltz – Pixies are British mythical creatures, miniature human beings, who are mischievous


‘take two’ ~ Let It Be Me film

two different recordings of the popular song Let It Be Me – perhaps my favourite love song – originally a French song by Bécaud made popular by the Everly Brothers


‘take two’ ~ Lord Franklin film

two different recordings of the folk song Lord Franklin – or Lady Franklin’s Lament – based on the true story of Franklin’s failed attempt to find and sail around the North West Passage around the pole – I first heard this song performed by John Renbourn and his version is also featured on a compilation CD of the group The Pentangle


my back catalogue

part 8 ~ CD albums ctnd…

inspired by a stay at an old water mill in France where the tile track was composed, Au Vieux Moulin (2014) is my favourite and most popular CD to date – with only a little guitar, this album is a showcase for the fingerpicked dulcimer, featuring pieces from medieval to modern music in a variety of different tunings – especially important are four new minimalist pieces for the dulcimer, including the title track Le Ruisseau Du Moulin (The Mill Stream)


What Is A Dulcimer ?

“What is a dulcimer ?” is perhaps the question I’m most often asked – this blog aims to answer that question and to give a little background to this charming instrument, as well as my own approach to it

the dulcimers that I play are members of the zither family, not to be confused with the hammered dulcimer, which is a trapezoid-shaped percussion instrument


dulcimer concert in Stratford On Avon

“really Lovely performance of folk songs by Dan Evans on Dulcimer & sung by Rebecca Hallworth in the courtyard of Stratford Play House”

“it was a lovely evening, nice weather and surroundings, and of course great musicians”

“we are enjoying a concert by Dan Evans in the courtyard of the playhouse, Stratford upon Avon ~ Dan plays dulcimer and it is a lovely concert of folk music with some of his own compositions”

“we both thoroughly enjoyed every minute ~ I even welled up once or twice as I find some of your pieces very moving as well as uplifting ~ mostly uplifting I should hasten to add!” 

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