English Dulcimer | Dan Evans - Roger Knott
Dan collaborates with British country songwriter Roger Knott
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collaboration with country songwriter Roger Knott

collaboration with country songwriter Roger Knott

Roger is a British country singer/songwriter with quite a number of CD albums to his credit, showing how prolific he is as a songwriter.  His albums have a quality feel to them and are often recorded and produced in Nashville, Tennessee.

I have previously worked with Roger on several projects, providing photography for his CD covers and now we are writing songs together.  I provide the original story-line and Roger turns that into a song, writing lyrics and composing music.  This is then produced at an award-winning studio in Nashville to give the song distinctive Country feel.

‘Dancing The Line’

Our first song is set in England.  A quiet and unassuming travelling salesman secretly takes up line dancing, excels at it and finally surprises everyone with a dazzling performance.

Dancing The Line on Deezer