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Ionian dulcimer / DAA

Ionian / DAA
Ionian mode, commonly referred to as DAA, is Dan’s favourite mountain dulcimer tuning. Ionian / DAA allows Dan to play major scale melodies and chords but also to play minor chords to accompany a minor-scale song. There are also other chord families, proving the rich harmonic potential of the dulcimer in Ionian.

Dan exploits this harmonic potential by finger-picking chords to accompany his fine baritone voice on folk songs. He also arranges songs as instrumental airs in Ionian.

other dulcimer tunings Dan uses
The Dorian mode (DAG) conjures up a strong sense of the medieval on the dulcimer, Bagpipe tuning (AAA) gives a rich sound with either a major (Ionian) or a Mixolydian scale and the Aeolian mode (DAC) is sometimes used to evoke a sense of the Elizabethan period.


‘‘Dan Evans is one of those rare musicians that combines his art with his technical playing skills. He's very knowledgeable of his dulcimer and his performances are stellar."
Rob Brereton, www.robertbrereton.com

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