English Dulcimer | Dan Evans - dulcimer player & guitarist
Dan plays 3-stringed dulcimers, mostly in DAA and acoustic guitar in Open C tuning, using his own temperament
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Playing almost exclusively fingerstyle, Dan creates beautiful, intricate and innovative dulcimer and guitar music, sometimes pushing the boundaries of the instruments.

All of Dan’s instruments have pickups and the sound is subtlety treated with state-of-the-art programmable delay effects.


Dan’s dulcimers have 3 strings and a true diatonic scale.  They are typically tuned to Ionian mode (known as DAA).  He also uses modal tunings to play atmospheric music in medieval scales and he uses Bagpipe and reverse Ionian tunings to create a rich and resonant sounds on the dulcimer.

Dan arpeggiates chords to accompany songs, interprets folk melodies as instrumental airs and performs his own imaginative compositions.

‘he displays a lyricism and freedom of expression which is truly exhilarating’

Geoff Reeve-Black, President, Nonsuch Dulcimer Club, UK

electric dulcimer

The solid body electric dulcimer with a humbucking pickup away from the bridge gives a smooth, mellow tone.  This signal is then treated with a wide variety of programmable digital effects, with each piece having its own texture.  Dan has access to the same huge palette of high quality textures as does a modern professional rock guitarist.

‘trad material presented with considerable classical skill but gently enhanced with technology – the effect from Dan is seriously musical’

Suggers review for Bishops Stortford folk club, UK


Playing a mixture of folk songs and instrumentals, whilst including elements of medieval music and jazz, gives Dan a unique and often melodic guitar sound.  Furthermore, Dan’s guitars are tuned to Open C tuning (CGCGCE) and to his own temperament resulting in a powerful, resonant sound with a sweet, natural temperament.

‘it was wonderful to have the opportunity of working with such a superb guitarist’

Dr. Lucy Green, Professor of Music Education, London University