English Dulcimer | Dan Evans | Composer of dulcimer & guitar music
World renowned British dulcimer player, guitarist & composer – Dan Evans composes music for and about nature as well as performing beautiful arrangements of folk songs and tunes from the British Isles
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Based in Olney, England, Dan’s repertoire is largely based on folk songs and airs from the British Isles, adapted for his instruments and thoughtfully arranged in his individual style.

In concerts he also presents a few classic songs and some chorus songs with which audiences can participate.  A growing number of his repertoire however, are original compositions.

Compositions & Nature

Dan has written a few touching love songs, some fun melodies and several atmospheric instrumentals.  His repertoire also holds a number of original minimalist compositions for the dulcimer.  Examples of these are Bullet Train, Long Road To Memphis and Le Ruisseau Du Moulin (The Mill Stream) ~ all on the Au Vieux Moulin CD (2014).

With a life-long love of nature and an honours degree in Botany from the University of Durham, a number of Dan’s compositions have a natural theme; They are for and about nature.  A few examples of these are: Snow (Sprit Dancing 1997), As The Sun Goes Down (Autumn Dance 2002), The Garden Waltz (Let It Be Me 2010) and Watch The Stars (Au Vieux Moulin 2014).

Many of the folk songs that Dan plays and sings have a natural theme too, for example: I Wandered By A Brookside (Sprit Dancing 1997), The Wild Mountain Thyme (Au Vieux Moulin 2014), The Rose (Let It Be Me 2010) and Columbine (Au Vieux Moulin 2014).