CD recordings

Dan’s CD albums are produced to the highest production values and professionally distributed globally by the Divine Art Recordings Group

A Waltz Through The Woods CD – 2024

varied and original instrumentals and a few folk songs ~ mostly dulcimer with a little guitar 

Dan ~ Appalachian dulcimers, electric dulcimer & acoustic guitar
Rebecca Hallworth ~ lead & harmony vocals
Andy Crowdy ~ string bass, classical guitar & percussion
Sharon Sullivan ~ violin

‘a masterpiece that prompts reflection and warm memories – A Waltz Through The Woods is a bestseller’
Linda Paulus for The Dulcimer Players News (USA)

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Au Vieux Moulin CD – 2014

folk songs and original instrumentals, including several minimalist pieces ~ mostly dulcimer with a little guitar

Dan ~ Appalachian dulcimers, acoustic guitar & vocals
Rebecca Hallworth ~ lead, harmony & ambient vocals
Andy Crowdy ~ basses, classical guitar & percussion
Stephen Seifert (guest appearance) ~ mountain dulcimer

‘Dan is truly leading the way on the mountain dulcimer in the UK and Au Vieux Moulin is his strongest album yet’

Jerry Rockwell for the Dulcimer Players News (USA)

Let It Be Me CD – 2010

songs and traditional folk melodies ~ mostly dulcimer with some guitar

Dan ~ Appalachian dulcimers, acoustic guitars & vocals
Sylvia Seaton ~ violin
Hilary Davies ~ harmony & ambient vocals
Andy Crowdy ~ string bass & classical guitar

‘I am gobsmacked by Dan’s amazing ability to provide such compelling and lyrical dulcimer accompaniments to his singing’

Neal Walters for the Dulcimer Player’s News (USA)

the Spirit-Dancing trilogy

Autumn Dance CD – 2002

traditional folk songs and traditional & original instrumentals ~ mixture of dulcimer and acoustic guitars with a few electric-acoustic guitar pieces using digital effects & sampling

Dan ~ Appalachian dulcimer, acoustic & electric-acoustic guitars and vocals
Ruth Cohen Rose ~ lead, harmony & ambient vocals
Sylvia Seaton ~ violin
Martin Vishnick ~ classical guitar
Andy Crowdy ~ string bass
John Ward ~ percussion, harmonica & harmony vocals
Mary Evans ~ chimes & rain-stick 

‘the effects he produces on his electro-acoustic guitar are astonishing – this is a superb recording from start to finish and I recommend it highly’

Neal Walters for the Dulcimer Player’s News (USA)

Spirit Dancing CD – 1997

folk and original songs and instrumentals ~ mixture of dulcimer & guitar

Dan ~ Appalachian dulcimer, acoustic guitar, bass guitar & vocals
Elaine Samuels ~ harmony & ambient vocals
Martin Vishnick ~ classical guitar
Natasha Briant ~ cello
Andy Crowdy ~ basses
John Ward ~ percussion & harmonica
Mary Evans ~ chimes
Roger Nicholson (guest appearance) ~ Appalachian dulcimer

‘unquestionably, Dan Evans is one of this country’s most accomplished performers of both acoustic guitar and dulcimer – he also has a fine voice and is a skilled songwriter and arranger’

Alan Hibbert for Folk In Kent magazine (UK)

Guardian Sprit CD – 1993

traditional, original and folk songs ~ acoustic and electric-acoustic guitars

Dan ~ acoustic & electro-acoustic guitars, Appalachian dulcimer and vocals
Michèle Welborn ~ lead, harmony & ambient vocals
Jenny Newman ~ violin & viola
John Ward ~ bodhran

‘a stylish blend of medieval folk and contemporary jazz guitar idioms’

The Independent newspaper (UK)