English Dulcimer | Dan Evans - music partners
Dan performs solo or as duo with Rebecca Hallworth or trio with Andy Crowdy - he is also one of the '3 guitars' concert series.
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musical partnerships

duo / trio with Rebecca / Andy

English actress and vocalist Rebecca Hallworth can take lead or harmony parts.  The clarity and tone of her vocals are sublime and compliment the delicacy of Dan’s dulcimer, as well his own vocals, perfectly.

International jazz-man, Andy Crowdy is highly regarded throughout the jazz world.  He accompanies Dan with superb bass, guitar and occasional percussion.

Both Rebecca and Andy are featured on Dan’s highly acclaimed CD album: Au Vieux Moulin.

‘the three of you were a great success – as you could obviously see by the audience’s reaction at the end of your numbers – it’s the first time we have had a sell-out in the hall ’

event organiser – Lavedon concert

‘3 Guitars’ with Martin & Stefanos

Originally from Greece, Stephanos Tsourelis has been awarded Best Guitarist of the Year by the London Guitar Institute.  Stephanos plays jazz on acoustic and electric guitars and Mediterranean music on oud.

Classical guitarist and composer, Martin Vishnick has performed all over the world, frequently winning standing ovations.  Martin’s PhD has researched extended techniques.

Together Stefanos, Martin & Dan perform solo numbers and improvised collaborations on guitars, closing with a unique mix of dulcimer, guitar and oud.

‘the concert was a really interesting, unique experience – such fantastic guitarists and beautiful music !’

Director – Stratford Play House