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everyone can sing - a voice workshop

everyone can sing - a voice workshop
This enjoyable and highly participatory voice workshop is designed to help students find their own voice and to learn how to project it with ease and confidence. Participants may be new to singing or even believe that they can’t, or they might be established singers of any genre who wish to develop greater confidence and improve their presentation.

In a fun and supportive atmosphere, students have the opportunity to experiment with vocal sounds and are shown the open-throated calling technique used by most styles of professional singers. Once learned, this calling sound is powerful and effortless. By projecting their voice and singing from the heart, students find the real beauty of their song and learn how to move their audience.

"It has been a very rare and special weekend. The structure and delivery of the course allowed such growth in the group: a spirit of warmth and fun which I have not experienced ever before. I will recommend the course to others and will cherish the memory I take with me."
Workshop Participant


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