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Music & Films

Auld Lang Syne film

my instrumental arrangement of this traditional tune, played sprightly on the dulcimer in Ionian tuning (EBB)

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In The Bleak Midwinter film

based on Gustav Holst version of this lovely carol, here is my new arrangement played on my Doug Berch dulcimer in Ionian/EBB tuning using a shimmer delay on my Boss DD-500 delay FX unit, mixed with audio form two mics

Bread And Fishes film

a short and simple arrangement of the beautiful melody from Alan Bell’s popular song Bread And Fishes – played fingerstyle on my Doug Berch dulcimer in Ionian tuning and key of E (EBB)

Over The Rainbow film

recorded on an iPhone during the Covid-19 pandemic – Over The Rainbow played on my electric dulcimer with effects from the Boss GT1 – the FX (in sequence) are i) preamp simulation, ii) slow gear, iii) sub delay, iv) analogue delay v) EQ

To Althea From Prison film

recorded during the Covid-19 pandemic, this song is appropriate as it gives a guide to coping with being confined – the words are a poem by Richard Lovelace from 1642 and it is set to music by the late, great Dave Swarbrick (Swarb) – I played support to Martin Carthy and Dave one night and Swarb asked me to play this song – I was a bit confused but took it as an honour

Spencer The Rover film

recorded during the Covid-19 pandemic, this song seemed appropriate as the message is ‘go home’ – a traditional folk song, arranged and performed in Open G tuning (but in key of C) on my Auden Chester guitar

D’Accord film

D’Accord is French for ‘OK’ or ‘I agree’ – an original, minimalist dulcimer composition performed in key of E (EBB) on my Doug Berch dulcimer – a nicely produced recording of this piece can be found on my Au Vieux Moulin CD album (DSM7 / 2014)

Spring Season film

the late Roger Nicholson’s ‘Spring Season’, a requiem for Richard Farina, performed in key of E (EBB) on my Doug Berch dulcimer – a studio version of this piece can be found on my Autumn Dance CD

New Lang Syne film

this dulcimer instrumental is the opening track of my Au Vieux Moulin CD (2014) – originally a dulcimer and guitar duet, composed with Danny Holmes (guitarist in Diesel Therapy band), this arrangement for dulcimer is performed solo

April Day live in Nashville

an original composition on a nature theme, performed here during my concert for Nashville’s Grand Old Dulcimer Club at the Turner Hall in Nashville in June 2018 – played on my Doug Berch Dulcimer in reverse Ionian tuning (CCG) with Boss DD-500 delay FX – imagine you are walking through a mature wood in England in the springtime – the mature trees seem calm but the colourful spring flowers at their base almost shout at you

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