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Music & Films

Waves film

Waves is a track off Dan’s Autumn Dance CD album (DSM5 / 2003) about waves lapping on a lonely beach – a jazzy piece, it is played very freely on an acoustic guitar in Open C tuning with a coil pickup processed through digital multi-effects and sampling – the music, ocean and seagull sounds all come simultaneously from the guitar.

The photos were all taken by Dan within an hour on a camera that was new to him on a windy morning on the North Norfolk coast.

The Garden Waltz film

Studio recording of Dan’s guitar piece ‘The Garden Waltz’ from his ‘Let It Be Me’ CD album (DSM6 / 2010) – with photographs of some of the beautiful gardens he worked in as a photographer.

Age Of Steam film

One for train enthusiasts ~ photographs of Didcot Railway Centre, Buckinghamshire Railway Centre and the North York Moors Railway (NYMR) ~ set to original dulcimer and guitar music, including: from Dan’s Spirit Dancing CD (The Journey) and his Au Vieux Moulin CD (Bullet Train).

Requiem performed at Olney concert

‘A requiem composed for a lovely person I once knew, who passed in her prime – performed here on electric dulcimer for the first time at our Olney Concert in September 2017’ ~ Dan

Snow film

A very short film of Dan Evans’ original and jazzy guitar piece: ‘Snow’ from Dan’s ‘Spirit Dancing’ album.  The film also shows photographs of Olney and surrounding area.