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Music & Films

New Lang Syne film

this dulcimer instrumental is the opening track of my Au Vieux Moulin CD (2014) – originally a dulcimer and guitar duet, composed with Danny Holmes (guitarist in Diesel Therapy band), this arrangement for dulcimer is performed solo

April Day live in Nashville

an original composition on a nature theme, performed here during my concert for Nashville’s Grand Old Dulcimer Club at the Turner Hall in Nashville in June 2018 – played on my Doug Berch Dulcimer in reverse Ionian tuning (CCG) with Boss DD-500 delay FX – imagine you are walking through a mature wood in England in the springtime – the mature trees seem calm but the colourful spring flowers at their base almost shout at you

Beatles’ Let It Be as dulcimer-yangqin duet

recorded during the Corvid-19 pandemic – cover of Beatles’ Let It Be song played on my mountain dulcimer with remote accompaniment by on yangqin by my friend in Hong Kong Yanki Ma Sze Yan – she is an excellent musician and her playing here is most sympathetic to the song

Abba’s I Have A Dream film

ABBA’s I Have A Dream arranged and performed on my Doug Berch dulcimer in Ionian (EBB) tuning using the analog delay on Boss DD-500 FX unit

Twix Moon & Lea film

an original contemporary dulcimer duet, again on a nature theme – imagine rolling countryside under light from a full moon – the chords are played using a looper in the Boss DD-500 delay unit, which is also providing an analogue delay effect – the piece started out as just 4 chords then a bass line was added and the title named (there was a full moon shining over Northampton landscape), these thanks to jamming with Steve Eulberg – later, the piece was performed and further developed – performed here on my Doug Berch dulcimer in Ionian (EBB)

The Dipper film

another original composition inspired by nature – the Dipper bird gets it’s name from its behaviour of ducking – Martin Cole’s dulcimer is tuned to Reverse Ionian (CCG) – thanks to Deborah Hopson Wolpe for the drawings

The Price Of Love

an original song with guitar accompaniment ~ preceded by the original prelude ‘Awakening’

performed during our ‘3 Guitars’ concert at Stratford Play House, June 2019

Fast Train To Istanbul film

new, original guitar piece – recorded at Auden Guitars, March 2019

performed on my Auden Chester guitar with filter delay effect on Boss DD-500, amplified by my Schertler Jam200 acoustic amp

Farewell, Farewell film

a dulcimer arrangement of Richard Thompson’s lovely folk song, beautifully sung by Rebecca Hallworth

a more polished recording with Rebecca singing and Andy Crowdy on classical guitar  is recorded on my Au Vieux Moulin CD

PS – spot the black and white cat moving around in the garden behind

with David Schnaufer film

Dan had the privilege of meeting the late David Schnaufer at two festivals in Kentucky in 2000, thanks to the generosity of Nancy Johnson Barker for organising his first Kentucky tour