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Music & Films

with David Schnaufer film

Dan had the privilege of meeting the late David Schnaufer at two festivals in Kentucky in 2000, thanks to the generosity of Nancy Johnson Barker for organising his first Kentucky tour


Bullet Train at KMW film

the first live performance of Dan’s adventurous minimalist solo dulcimer composition Bullet Train at Bardstown Baptist Church, Kentucky as part of the 2014 Kentucky Music Week festival


Garden Waltz film

imagine having cream teas on the lawn of an English country garden – then, being in England it rains, then thunders, then rains again, ending on a jazzy chord, symbolising a rainbow – performed on my old Flyde Goodfellow guitar with good friend and international classical guitarist Martin Vishnick

Amazing Grace film

this short film of Amazing Grace music shows photographs by Dan Evans of Olney in Buckinghamshire, England, near Milton Keynes ~ Olney is the home of Amazing Grace, the words for which were written by John Newton – Newton and Cowper collectively wrote the Olney Hymns, of which Amazing Grace is perhaps the best known


performance at the Dulcimer World Congress 2015

film of my performance at the Dulcimer World Congress in Malvern in 2015 – I play i) Roger Nicholson’s piece Spring Season, Cyril Tawney’s song The Grey Funnel Line and my own minimalist train tune: Bullet Train – thanks to Sally Whitehead and the Dulcimer World Congress for making and editing the film

Silent Night film

Composed in 1818 by Franz Xaver Gruber, this carol has always been one of Dan’s favourites and is played here with delicacy on the dulcimer and a slightly haunting mood, enhanced by the Boss DD-500 effects unit pattern delay effect – the dulcimer is by Doug Berch and in Ionian (EBB) tuning.

Dance Of The Falling Leaves film

An original composition on a nature theme, performed here by Dan on his Doug Berch Dulcimer in Ionian tuning (EBB) – when the leaves fall in autumn they are very hard to catch and can swirl around haphazardly – the beginning is loosely based on the French folk song: L’Auvergnat but it soon increases in complexity with rhythmic changes, more melody notes and a high passage, suggestive of swirling leaves.

Nashville concert ~ part 3 ~ with Stephen Seifert

after playing solo in his concert for Nashville’s Grand Old Dulcimer Club in the Turner Hall, Nashville, Dan was joined by the brilliant dulcimer player Stephen Seifert, whereupon they improvised several duets off the cuff, with no preparation whatsoever