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Music & Films

South Wind film

officially called The South Wind, this is an old Irish folk song about homesickness


The Pixies’ Waltz film

‘if you go down to the woods today …’ you might just see the pixies dancing to my Pixies’ Waltz – Pixies are British mythical creatures, miniature human beings, who are mischievous


‘take two’ ~ Let It Be Me film

two different recordings of the popular song Let It Be Me – perhaps my favourite love song – originally a French song by Bécaud made popular by the Everly Brothers


‘take two’ ~ Lord Franklin film

two different recordings of the folk song Lord Franklin – or Lady Franklin’s Lament – based on the true story of Franklin’s failed attempt to find and sail around the North West Passage around the pole – I first heard this song performed by John Renbourn and his version is also featured on a compilation CD of the group The Pentangle


Tumbling Skies film+TAB

an original, nature-themed composition for the dulcimer, played on my Martin Cole Appalachian dulcimer in Ionian (DAA) tuning but in the key of C (CGG) – slight delay effects from the Boss DD-500 are a dual delay with randomly variable timing and randomly shifting from left to right – the general approach to the style of composition was inspired by the composing of Classical guitarist Andrew York


Snow film

a short film of Dan Evans’ original jazzy and atmospheric instrumental guitar piece Snow from his Spirit Dancing album (1997)

the film also shows photographs of Olney and surrounding area


If I Were A Carpenter film+TAB

a dulcimer arrangement of Tim Hardin’s lovely country music song If I Were A Carpenter, beautifully sung by Rebecca Hallworth and performed fingerstyle (fingerpicking) on my Doug Berch mountain dulcimer in Ionian tuning EBB (DAA but in key of E)


Rosemary’s Sister film+TAB

Huw Williams’ moving song about a little girl killed in the blitz in London – arranged here for dulcimer and performed on my Martin Cole Appalachian dulcimer in DAA tuning


The Rose film

The Rose is a pop song written by Amanda McBroom – Bette Midler made the song famous when she recorded it for her film The Rose, in which it plays during the closing credits


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