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Music & Films

Wings film

Brian Bedford’s wonderful song played here on electric mountain dulcimer in DAA tuning with some subtle FX from the Boss GT-1 multi effects unit (preamp, delay & reverb) – I hope to record this on the next CD album but with female vocals taking the lead

Let It Be Me film

perhaps my favourite love song – originally a French song by Bécaud made popular by the Everly Brothers and arranged here by me for dulcimer in DAA tuning – this performance is on my electric dulcimer with FX (preamp, delay and reverb) via the Boss GT-1 multi effects unit – it’s the title track of my Let It Be Me CD album (DSM6 / 2010) and I recommend that studio recording to you, which has two acoustic dulcimer parts

Plain Sailing & The Saints film

two short improvisations: my own Plain Sailing and When The Saints Go Marching In – played on my Auden Chester cutaway guitar in Open C tuning (CGCGCE) – using the Boss DD-500 delay (duel FX for chords / shimmer FX for lead) and the Boss RC-30 loop station to play backup and provide rhythm

Over The Rainbow film

recorded on an iPhone in my kitchen during the Covid-19 pandemic and in respect of NHS and health workers, working in the pandemic


To Althea From Prison film

recorded during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic lockdown restrictions, this song is appropriate as it gives a guide to coping with being confined


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