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The Pixies’ Waltz film

‘if you go down to the woods today …’ you might just see the pixies dancing to my Pixies’ Waltz – Pixies are British mythical creatures, miniature human beings, who are mischievous


‘take two’ ~ Let It Be Me film

two different recordings of the popular song Let It Be Me – perhaps my favourite love song – originally a French song by Bécaud made popular by the Everly Brothers


‘take two’ ~ Lord Franklin film

two different recordings of the folk song Lord Franklin – or Lady Franklin’s Lament – based on the true story of Franklin’s failed attempt to find and sail around the North West Passage around the pole – I first heard this song performed by John Renbourn and his version is also featured on a compilation CD of the group The Pentangle


Tumbling Skies film+TAB

an original, nature-themed composition for the dulcimer, played on my Martin Cole Appalachian dulcimer in Ionian (DAA) tuning but in the key of C (CGG) – slight delay effects from the Boss DD-500 are a dual delay with randomly variable timing and randomly shifting from left to right – the general approach to the style of composition was inspired by the composing of Classical guitarist Andrew York


Snow film

a short film of Dan Evans’ original jazzy and atmospheric instrumental guitar piece Snow from his Spirit Dancing album (1997)

the film also shows photographs of Olney and surrounding area


If I Were A Carpenter film+TAB

a dulcimer arrangement of Tim Hardin’s lovely country music song If I Were A Carpenter, beautifully sung by Rebecca Hallworth and performed fingerstyle (fingerpicking) on my Doug Berch mountain dulcimer in Ionian tuning EBB (DAA but in key of E)


Rosemary’s Sister film+TAB

Huw Williams’ moving song about a little girl killed in the blitz in London – arranged here for dulcimer and performed on my Martin Cole Appalachian dulcimer in DAA tuning


The Rose film

The Rose is a pop song written by Amanda McBroom – Bette Midler made the song famous when she recorded it for her film The Rose, in which it plays during the closing credits


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