live at Kathy Brown’s garden ~ I

live at Kathy Brown’s garden ~ I

‘Mary’ a new original guitar piece by Dan Evans and his arrangement of Turlough O’ Carolan’s Si Beag Si Mhor, performed live at Kathy Brown’s famous garden in Stevington, Bedfordshire

both performed on Dan’s Auden Chester cutaway guitar in Open C tuning, capo’ed to key of D

‘Mary’ is dedicated to Dan’s wife: Mary Evans

Turlough O’ Carolan (1670 – 1738) was a famous blind Irish harper, considered by many to be Ireland’s national composer ~ many of his tunes are called Planxties, a term that O’ Carolan might have invented, meaning

Si Beag Si Mhor, meaning ‘Small Fairy Mound, Big Fairy Mound’, is one of O’ Carolan’s most popular compositions and might refer to two small hills, possible burial sites, from his birth county of Meath