English Dulcimer | Workshops & Training
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Workshops & Training

music training ~ classes workshops and seminars

holistic and confidence-building music training


Over the last 25 years Dan has taught well over 6,000 musicians and singers of all levels, from novice to professional, and he has taught at festivals in many parts of the USA.

Students have travelled from all over Europe and beyond to attend his transformative singing course, which received amazing feedback.  He has even coached a pop singer, who promptly rose to no.1 in the UK charts.

To Dan, music is more than the just dots on the page.  Posture, emotion and mindset also play their part.  Indeed, your body language and how you think and feel about the music are key to an engaging performance.


classes – developing musical competence

dulcimer classes

  • song accompaniment in DAA
  • instrumental airs in DAA
  • classic songs in DAA
  • in praise of DAA
  • expressive techniques & timing variations
  • fingerpicking
  • the model dulcimer
  • Bagpipe tuning
  • the Dorian mode


guitar classes

  • best practice guitar techniques
  • an introduction to Open C tuning
  • modal music in Open C


1-2-1 coaching

  • getting new dulcimer players started
  • helping experienced performers


‘It was wonderful having you with us this year, Dan.  You added so much to the weekend and week and were a pleaser to work with.  Your talents and experience helped to make this year’s KMW such a tremendous success.’  Kentucky Music Week and Weekend festivals


short workshops & seminars

  • vocal techniques ~ best practice breathing, projection & intonation workshop
  • chanting & rhythm ~ experiential session
  • arranging music to come to life ~ demonstration & discussion
  • the electric dulcimer ~ demonstration
  • digital effects for guitar and/or dulcimer ~ demonstration
  • stagecraft ~ working with PA systems ~ demonstration
  • the psychology of performing ~ seminar
  • criticism and confidence (for teachers & performers) ~ seminar
  • how to make a professional recording ~ seminar
  • developing a career in the music industry ~ seminar
  • an introduction to Copyright law and the royalties system (UK only) ~ seminar


longer workshops – developing musical confidence

 singing workshop

  • best practice breathing, projection and intonation
  • arranging songs for best impact
  • developing confidence
  • singing from the heart to move your audience


performance skills workshop

  • conquering nerves
  • how to seem confident and credible on stage
  • creating impact
  • engaging with your material and the audience


‘It has been a very rare and special weekend. The structure and delivery of the course allowed such growth in the group: a spirit of warmth and fun which I have not experienced ever before.  I will recommend the course to others and I will cherish the memory I take with me.’  voice workshop participant

dulcimer starter session


  • pitched at your level ~ depending upon your experience with the dulcimer, other instruments and music generally



  • a health-check on your instrument to make sure it is working as it should
  • posture for comfort and to avoid health issues
  • best practice playing techniques
  • an introduction to Tablature notation
  • and introduction to modes and tunings
  • the huge potential of the dulcimer – songs, airs & instrumentals
  • your big decision DAA or DAD ~ the pro’s and cons of each and their far reaching ramifications



  • 2-3 hours, as required



  • free transport to/from local rail/bus station
  • as much tea as you can drink
  • notes afterwards
  • links to relevant resources
  • positive feedback ~ to develop your confidence
  • one of Dan’s CD albums
  • some notation



  • only £50
  • please make cheques payable to ‘D R Evans’ (not Dan Evans)