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Workshops & Training

voice workshops


For many years I ran a weekend voice workshop called Everyone Can Sing.  It was a large part of my life, not just in time and income but in how profoundly rewarding the work was and how much it changed me as a teacher and group leader, as a singer and performer and also as a human being.  From undertaking this work, I documented several essays about the methods used – about respect, criticism & confidence and about community development.  Those essays were published on my previous music website, which is no longer online.  So here is a very short precis with a few typical student quotes, as a taster of this important work.  Feel free to contact me if you would like to know more.

‘this has been an outstanding course with an outstanding tutor who use a unique process that ensures success for everyone involved – it has been an absolute pleasure to be a part of this incredible weekend’


a few more reviews

concert review – solo

“Not easy to categorise; trad material presented with considerable classical skill on guitar and mountain dulcimer, but gently enhanced with technology.  One of his best tricks is to use a long echo and then play a duet with himself.  In other hands this would come over as an amusing gimmick – the effect from Dan is seriously musical.  In demand in the USA for workshops as well as performances, which may give you a hint of what to expect.


music training ~ classes workshops and seminars

holistic and confidence-building music training


In England and over the last 25 years Dan has taught well over 6,000 musicians and singers of all levels, from novice to professional.  He has also taught at festivals in many parts of the USA.

Students have travelled from all over Europe and beyond to attend his transformative singing course, which received amazing feedback.  He has even coached a pop singer, who promptly rose to no.1 in the UK charts.

To Dan, music is more than the just dots on the page, his approach is holistic – posture, emotion and mindset also play their part.  Indeed, your body language and how you think and feel about the music are key to an engaging performance.


dulcimer starter session

dulcimer starter session



  • pitched at your level ~ depending upon your experience with the dulcimer, other instruments and music generally



  • a health-check on your instrument to make sure it is working as it should
  • posture for comfort and to avoid health issues
  • best practice playing techniques
  • an introduction to Tablature notation
  • an introduction to modes and tunings
  • the huge potential of the dulcimer – songs, airs & instrumentals
  • DAA or DAD tuning ~ the pro’s and cons of each and their far reaching ramifications


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