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Amazing Grace 250th celebration performance

Dan wanted to be a a part of this event, as he has many connections with Amazing Grace and the dulcimer is traditionally played in a shady grove

for this relaxed performance, Dan will be playing instrumental music on dulcimer, including some folk melodies and his own, nature-themed compositions



HAM concert East Yorkshire

feedback from the organiser: ‘Thank you again for a great show, we all enjoyed the evening and meeting you both.’

York House concert with Rebecca & Andy

we have had lots of very nice feedback from friends and supporters who attended the concert – but my favourite comment is from a young musician …

‘being at your concert, on the Friday, was a delight. I’m constantly fascinated by your music, and it was a charming evening with a very enchanting atmosphere’



concert at The Old Bakery Studios, Truro

from Dawn Donald on Facebook:
“Yesterday Fraser and I spent the afternoon in The Studio at The Old Bakehouse, which is literally across the road from us. Fraser spent some time doing a dulcimer workshop.  He is surprisingly good, he takes time to work out what he is doing until he gets the tune he wants from it.
Then in the evening we went to see Dan Evans in Concert, supported by Richard Trethewey.  Dan played the guitar and the Appalachian Dulcimer. He is incredibly talented playing and singing his own and classic compositions. The notes he was getting from the dulcimer were amazing and he finished his set with the most beautiful version of Let it be, showing how versatile an instrument it is.
Richard, played the violin and the cittern and gave us music and songs giving us the history of Cornwall and it’s people.  He is another very talented person who collects stories from the people who lived the history or are ancestors of and runs them into lovely music so they are never forgotten.
We had a fabulous day and evening and thank to Kerensa for organising it.”


Great kNight Folk Club with Rebecca

lovely feedback from friends present:

” What a delightful evening and thank you.  We enjoyed all of it very much. “

” I really enjoyed your carefully crafted arrangements and exquisite playing again last night, a musical treat. “

” Thanks for a great evening. “

” I loved that you played multi dulcimers at Tuesdays gig.  Plenty of variety in your set too, really did enjoy! “


dulcimer concert in Stratford On Avon

“really Lovely performance of folk songs by Dan Evans on Dulcimer & sung by Rebecca Hallworth in the courtyard of Stratford Play House”

“it was a lovely evening, nice weather and surroundings, and of course great musicians”

“we are enjoying a concert by Dan Evans in the courtyard of the playhouse, Stratford upon Avon ~ Dan plays dulcimer and it is a lovely concert of folk music with some of his own compositions”

“we both thoroughly enjoyed every minute ~ I even welled up once or twice as I find some of your pieces very moving as well as uplifting ~ mostly uplifting I should hasten to add!” 

April Day live in Nashville film+TAB

an original composition on a nature theme by Dan Evans, performed here during Dan’s concert for Nashville’s Grand Old Dulcimer Club at the Turner Hall, Blair School Of Music in Nashville in June 2018


a brief career history

a brief history of Dan Evans’ music career

early beginnings

With no training in music but good woodworking skills, Dan built two dulcimers whilst at school and then played mandolin in the school folk band.  Inspired by legendary British dulcimer player Roger Nicholson, with whom he was later to work, Dan learned a little early music on the dulcimer.  At university he taught himself guitar and, aside from fifteen minutes coaching with the British virtuoso guitarist Martin Simpson, is still completely self-taught on his instruments to this day.  His university days were certainly formative and artists he first heard then, like John Martyn, The Pentangle and Gryphon have undoubtedly shaped the development of Dan’s highly individual and eclectic style.READ MORE

my digital effects

effects for my acoustic instruments 

My dulcimers have natural sounding pickups which, via a high-quality preamp, feed the excellent Boss DD-500 delay unit.  This box processes the signal to the highest of audio standards, so the integrity of the acoustic sound is preserved.  The delay effects that I use for dulcimer, with a few exceptions, are subtle and you might only notice them by their absence.  They add warmth and place the music in a natural sound space.



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