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‘take two’ ~ Lord Franklin film

‘take two’ ~ Lord Franklin film

two different recordings of the folk song Lord Franklin – or Lady Franklin’s Lament – based on the true story of Franklin’s failed attempt to find and sail around the North West Passage around the pole – I first heard this song performed by John Renbourn and his version is also featured on a compilation CD of the group The Pentangle

the first recording here is from my Guardian Spirit CD (1993) and features guitar accompaniment and ambient vocals by Michèle Welborn – the second track is from my Autumn Dance CD (2002) with dulcimer backing, classical guitar by Martin Vishnick and violin by Sylvia Seaton – it seems ironic that the guitar playing is melodic and the dulcimer version is chord-based

the guitar is a Fylde Goodfellow acoustic in Open C tuning (capo’ed to key of D) with coil pickup and phase & analogue delay effects pedals from Boss – the dulcimer was made by Martin Cole and played in Ionian / DAA tuning but in key of E (EBB)

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