Dance Of The Falling Leaves film+TAB

Dance Of The Falling Leaves film+TAB

an original composition on a nature theme, performed on my Doug Berch mountain dulcimer in Ionian tuning EBB (DAA but in key of E)

when the leaves fall in autumn they are very hard to catch and can swirl around haphazardly

the beginning is loosely based on the French folk song: L’Auvergnat but it soon increases in complexity with rhythmic changes, more melody notes and a high passage, suggestive of swirling leaves

I fist heard L’auvergnat from the singing of French chanteuse Juliette Greco

an analogue delay (Boss = analog) on the Boss DD-500 delay effects adds a certain warmth to the dulcimer’s sound

FREE TAB – click on this link: The-Dance-of-the-Falling-Leaves_v3.pdf – to display the notation for this piece as a web-friendly PDF document

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