with David Schnaufer film+TAB (The Spider’s Dance)

with David Schnaufer film+TAB (The Spider’s Dance)

I had the privilege of meeting the late, great David Schnaufer at two festivals in Kentucky in 2000, thanks to Nancy Johnson Barker for setting up my first Kentucky tour

David was charming and a superb player – here you see us having fun with Fred Meyer (I got my left and right mixed up) on a marquee stage at Iroquois Park Amphitheatre at Kentucky Music Weekend festival (KMW), whereupon I performed my Spider’s Dance fingerstyle (fingerpicking) – a nature themed Tarantella composition on my Martin Cole Appalachian dulcimer in Ionian EBB tuning (DAA but in key of E)

this, along with an interview, was recorded for a professional documentary film called ‘Beneath Kentucky Skies’ and the film cleverly segues between two performances of the piece on different stages – thanks to Ruffian Films for kind permission to use this footage

Free TAB click on this link Spiders-Dance_v4.pdf to display the notation for this piece as a web-friendly PDF document

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