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dulcimer starter session

dulcimer starter session

dulcimer starter session



  • pitched at your level ~ depending upon your experience with the dulcimer, other instruments and music generally



  • a health-check on your instrument to make sure it is working as it should
  • posture for comfort and to avoid health issues
  • best practice playing techniques
  • an introduction to Tablature notation
  • an introduction to modes and tunings
  • the huge potential of the dulcimer – songs, airs & instrumentals
  • DAA or DAD tuning ~ the pro’s and cons of each and their far reaching ramifications


  • 2-3 hours, as required



  • free transport to/from local rail/bus station
  • as much tea as you can drink
  • notes afterwards
  • links to relevant resources
  • positive feedback ~ to develop your confidence
  • one of Dan’s CD albums
  • some notation



  • only £50
  • please make cheques payable to ‘D R Evans’ (not Dan Evans)


“thank you very much for yesterday – I learned a huge amount in a short space of time, a testament to your talent as an educator” dulcimer student