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my back catalogue

my back catalogue

part 2 ~ cassette albums ctnd …

Autumn Dance (c. 1990) was perhaps the best of my personal home recordings as it featured the breadth of my music to date, including original, nature-themed instrumentals, arrangements of traditional folk songs and my unique electro-acoustic guitar work – unbeknownst to me at the time, it became a template for my professional Autumn Dance CD album, released much later in 2003 – again totally home-spun, the recording, artwork and design were all done by myself

part 1 ~ cassette albums

Songs & Tunes vol I … to … Songs & Tunes vol VII (c. 1984 – c. 1989) 

In hindsight, I’m not really sure why I made these simple but pleasing home recordings (all seven volumes of them), as only a few copies were made and they were not released to the public – they did however serve a number of useful purposes – they created a record of my music, before I started using notation, and they prepared me well for the professional recordings I was to make later on – totally home-spun, the recording, photography and (analogue) graphic design were all done by myself