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CITES – what musicians who travel need to know

Ivory Act update – September 2022

This update summarises a short article on The Ivory Act from the ISM Journal, Autumn 2022 issue.

In June this year The Ivory Act became law, prohibiting commercial activity in elephant ivory.  Musicians should be relatively unaffected however, as the act exempts pre-1975 instruments with less than 20% ivory content.  The article nonetheless recommends that musicians travelling with exempt instruments should apply for a MIC.  Whether MICs will granted for exempt instruments remains to be seen – see my personal update below.


how to finger-pick the dulcimer

the following article was published in Nonsuch News, summer 2018, the UK’s dulcimer club magazine and the international Dulcimer Players News, February 2019 – it has been updated in October 2020 with a little more information in the section: ‘which fingers to use’ 

how to finger-pick the dulcimer


Those of you who are familiar with my music will know that I play the dulcimer (and guitar) mostly finger-style.  To me, fingerpicking is one of the prettiest ways of playing the dulcimer.  This article outlines what I see as best practice fingerpicking technique and it should help you play fingerstyle too, should you wish to do so.


beginner advice for Nashville dulcimer club

the following article was drafted for and published by Nashville’s Grand Old Dulcimer Club:

‘A pro English dulcimer player advises beginners’

listening skills

Listening is hearing with intent to understand.  It is a discipline that requires patience and focus.  Listening is perhaps the most important skill a musician can acquire.  The more you develop your listening skills, the better you will understand music and the better you will play, both solo and with others.  Equally import perhaps, if you listen well you will win the respect of industry professionals.


interview in Dulcimer Players News

the following interview, conducted by Linda Paulus, was published in the international Dulcimer Players News magazine spring 2018 issue 

Dan Evans: A Musician for all Seasons

Close your eyes and imagine mountain dulcimer history and the pros who play these beloved instruments on this side of The Pond. Now, open your eyes and meet Dan Evans, the UK’s premier English dulcimer player.  Dan shares his unique perspective on our beloved instrument and his history as a musician and composer. He returns to the United States in June for another international tour, starting with a concert for the players and friends of The Grand Old Dulcimer Club in Nashville.  So, sit down with a cup of tea and enjoy a bit of his story.  You’ll discover Great Britain’s leading dulcimer musician offers plenty to inspire beginners as well as advanced players and teachers. 


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